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    I would like to suggest an NPC that sells all the potions currently available in the game randomly, for lazy people who do not want to make them. They could also have a few special potions that can only be obtained from them. The requirement for getting them would be placing a alchemy in an unoccupied room, this would prevent them from showing up to early in the game and be O.P.

    Optional: The NPC can't make a potion until you unlock it by handing all of the ingredient for it to them, in a quest like the Angler. If this were the case each potion would be permanently available and no randomness to the inventory.

    New buy only potions:
    1. Grave Portal Potion, can teleport you back to your last death marker.
    2. Carmel Chameleon Potion: makes your player sprite randomly change for duration of potion.
      more suggestions welcome
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  2. Sun

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    I would love to have this in game. I hate getting supplies just to get potions,but they can provide the edge in a battle, especially moon lord
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  3. Billdakat

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    My main reason for wanting this is a do a lets play were we can't craft anything much beyond torches, campfire, platforms and sticky bombs, oh and 1 hammer. Make the game more challenging without the extreme that is expert mode