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tModLoader Programmable Speakers

Discussion in 'Released' started by Atenfyr, Jun 28, 2019.

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  1. Atenfyr

    Atenfyr Terrarian

    Programmable Speakers
    Programmable Speakers is a mod which adds some new tiles to Terraria which allow the user to create music.

    All-In-One Speaker Block
    The new Programmable Speaker block allows you to create music by chaining many of them in a row. Once the specified delay of one block is over, a directional signal is emitted in the direction it is facing, activating the next speaker in the sequence.

    Programming Interface
    A Programmable Speaker can be changed to any note and can have a delay until the next in the chain is activated, all modified by right-clicking the block.

    Two-Way Conversion with Wires
    A song can start by providing an activation signal to the first in the chain, and a Directional Adapter can emit another activation signal once the song is over.

    • Programmable Speakers play a note, wait for a programmed delay (which includes the time it takes to play the note), and then emit a signal that activates the block directly adjacent to it in the direction it is facing.
    • Programmable Speakers have four instruments: Harp, Bell, Flute, and Square.
    • The notes of a Programmable Speaker roughly follow the same format as Minecraft, with 0 being F#3 and 24 being F#5.
    • You can rotate the direction a Programmable Speaker is facing by hammering it, and you can program a Programmable Speaker by right-clicking it.
    • You can buy a Programmable Speaker from the Wizard for 25 silver.
    • Signal Repeaters simply acts like a Programmable Speaker, but cannot play a note.
    • You can rotate the direction a Signal Repeater is facing by hammering it, and you can program a Signal Repeater by right-clicking it.
    • You can buy a Programmable Speaker from the Mechanic for 22 silver and 50 copper.
    • Programmable Speakers and Signal Repeaters can be activated by a wire as well as a directional signal.
    • Directional Adapters take a directional signal and emit an activation signal to any wire that is placed on top of the Adapter.
    • You can buy a Directional Adapter from the Mechanic for 30 silver.
    • You can craft Wired equivalents of Programmable Speakers and Signal Repeaters with 1 wire and the item in question at an anvil. Wired tiles simply emit another activation signal on top of the tile instead of a directional signal.

    Programmable Speakers is available on the Mod Browser for tModLoader v0.11. However, you may also download the .tmod file manually from GitHub.

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  2. Blood Crawler

    Blood Crawler Brain of Cthulhu

    I have a problem: When i connect 2 delayers (or speakers), so making legit songs in this mod is still impossible.
    Also the "Delay" section on speaker should be replaced with "leingth" (it will make note leingth customisable). Just because repeaters are better.
  3. Atenfyr

    Atenfyr Terrarian

    Because this mod aims to work within the bounds of Terraria's wiring system to allow as much customization as possible, it is rather unintuitive to use, and I apologize for that. The best way to play more than one note with a delay in between is something like this:
    This is why the Programmable Speaker and the Precise Signal Repeater simply emit a second activation signal after the specified delay. More than one color of wire can be crammed into one space, so you can activate both colors of wires inside the block at once after the specified delay, which works well with makeshift diodes formed by logic gates.
    My issue with doing away with the "delay" system altogether is that the person writing a song should not have to measure the distance between the notes, but rather the time between notes including the time it takes to play the note, to approximate the words of a friend of mine who is a musician. The "delay" on a Programmable Speaker begins the moment it receives an activation signal, and refers to the delay between activation signals, not the delay between notes. Additionally, having to place a Precise Signal Repeater between each note is a waste of money and space.
    It is definitely possible to create music within this mod, and I've attached a video to the main post to demonstrate this.
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  4. Nerro

    Nerro Terrarian

    we just need redstone repeater-like wire tool to make this easier
    using diodes works but it takes very long to just play a few notes
  5. Atenfyr

    Atenfyr Terrarian

    In order to make things a little bit easier, I've added a new "directional signal" system, and I've ported the mod to tModLoader v0.11.1. See the original post.
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