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Wavebank Project: Ori - Music Replacement Mod


Master of Ravens
Project: Ori

A Full Replacement Music Track

Download: Mediafire

About Project: Ori
A friend of mine and myself wanted to replace some of the tracks for Terraria with Ori and the Blind Forest / Ori and the Will of the Wisps, which was very successful. This is a full wave bank file which contains music tracks from levels, bosses, and more. This project contains tracks from both games mixed and matched to suit in their proper place.

  • 28 Rain Ambiance (Ignored)​
  • 37 Martian Madness​
  • 39 Goblin Invasion​
  • 41 Old One's Army​
  • 42 Space Day​
  • 45 Wind Ambiance (Ignored)​
  • 48 Slime Rain​
  • 49 Terraria Remix TOW​
  • 57 New Boss (Slime)​
  • 58 Duke Fishron​
  • 60 Console Theme (Music Box)
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appreciate the work. that is exactly what I was looking for.
However, like already mentioned, the link is broken.
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