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Psychologist office. What is your most traumatic Terraria experience

You see, I used to play a lot on console, but I've been waiting for the 1.4 update. I've tried playing on Steam, but I can't find the motivation to do a solo run, and any attempts to do so online result in lag. I've also deleted Steam from my laptop, as this is meant for school work. Any suggestions as for what to do?
School work? F*ck school work-
Hey. One, no cussing. Two, school is okay, so calm down.
Uhh, make friends with AI, or get a better internet. (If you can)
Hey Ghostrix... and other cultists. So I have a problem. You see, I want to fight plantera but I’m... *sighs* a bit scared.
Well, preparation is a big part. And, are you on softcore?
I'd like to apply to the office. name's Prism.
Hello! You can apply, as we do need more employees! I’ll write your name down in the section! Welcome, Prism!
...But I uninstalled Steam...
Could you re-install it? Or is it gone for good?

Dark Sunshine

Eater of Worlds
I’m dying

ok so mine is the destroyer spawned a few in-game days after entering Hardmode and I was alone.
All of my NPCs died and spawned in the wrong houses. I had spent hours personalizing them for each NPC.
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