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Puppet Person NPC Idea

Want a Puppet Person NPC

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So their seems to be lots of suggestions for unique npcs, from what I saw their was a casino dealer an angel and a demon npc, so it's very hard to think of a truly unique NPC and then it hits me of a truly unique idea

Pupper Person
The Puppet Person is a hardmode era npc, to spawn it you need to go though a few hoops to get it

First get a Guide Voodoo Doll

Throw the doll in hallowed water

After the doll is thrown it becomes a blank doll which can be crafted with dyed to change the color of the doll, this item is called a Colored Doll

Finally you need to name the doll, all you need to do is place the doll and name it, that name is permanent so choose wisely

After naming this doll it becomes a (enter name) doll, you then place the named doll into a empty house which spawns the Puppet Person NPC
Relationships (and reasons)
Favorite Biome Hallow (it is borned in the hallow)

Least Favorite Biome Ocean (ironic fear of drowning)

Loves Truffle (they are both created from artificial causes)

Likes Painter and Clotier (sewing and dyed are something it loves)

Hates Zoologist (I imagine it has nightmares of a gaint dog eating it) and Witch Doctor (a literal voodoo preist)

The Puppet Person is a specialty shopkeeper that sells a new items called threads, threads can be connected to mobs and other items, including bosses (as a bonus threading two demon eyes togethers spawns the twins as a Easter egg), aside from that the Puppet Person sells cloth and patchwork furniture and weapons, as well as guide and clothier voodoo dolls

What do you think of this npc idea, have any other suggestions, what other services should it sell???
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