Mobile Purchasing Consumable Hair Dyes


For those who have the Stylist Npc (if you don't, you can go find one in a spider nest), you'll recognise the UI is a tad bit different. When you press 'Shop', a 3-tabbed menu will pop-up where you can change your hair colour and style. However, you'll only be able to change your hair colour with the Stylist nearby through this method, with no access to those fabulous Rainbow Hair Dyes away from this NPC.

So what do you do? You get some consumables of course!

To do this, tap on the Stylist so that it shows their quotes and click the button that opens your inventory. This should open the UI that all the other NPCs use to sell their items. Here, you'll be able to purchase the custom hair dyes as consumables.
(tested on iOS)

Shop screenshot. Chest with consumables screenshot.
IMG_0874.png IMG_0875.png
Confirmation on other platforms would be nice. Any other NPC quirks?
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