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WIP Purification Tower

Do you support adding more purification to Terraria?

  • I'd rather wait about 100 years for the real deal.

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  • I'm rather undecided. I'll change it later.

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Now, we've all seen the Otherworld trailers with their purification towers, right? Well, I thought I'd suggest this:

Purification Tower
Stacks up to 5
Tooltip: Put Luminite in it to power it
Destroys the evil

It is purchased from the dryad :dryadwink: for 5 gold coins post-Moon Lord.

The more luminite used in it, the more it spreads... and the more evil enemies you bring against you. For every 1 luminite, it's purifying radius changes by 5 blocks. When destroyed, it'll give you back your luminite and the purification tower. If you kill the Moon Lord a lot (aka farm it), you should eventually cover a good area around your town/hotel/whatever you use for NPC living. Upon right-clicking it, it'll be destroyed and drop as:

Empowered Purification Tower
Doesn't stack
Tooltip: This has (number of luminite) pieces of luminite in it
Put Luminite in it to power it
Destroys the evil

So what do you guys think? A slight hint to the upcoming, purifying game? Or nay?


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