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tModLoader Pvt Fudgepants's Mods


I'm not sure if it's a bug or just a bad interaction with another mod, but Minion Crits is no longer working, displaying 0% chance and in fact going into negatives whenever I add certain modifiers to the weapon.

[email protected]@eT

Eye of Cthulhu
Man, I'm so sad that the throwing mod will completely be rendered useless now.
The only relic we now have of the underrated class is in the thorium mod. (And kind of calamity if you count rouge)


Balance Mod compat for Colored Damage Types?
it adds a new class called the scavenger, has it's own damage type(salvage damage)
make it have a rusty color, like a burnt orange

Pvt Fudgepants

New update!

- Added cross-mod support for Calamity, Redemption, Enigma, DBZ, Battle Rods, and Clicker Class damage types.
- Added toggle to disable damage numbers.
- Added toggle to disable other players damage numbers in multiplayer.


What a surprise update. I honestly wasn't sure any more updates were coming, but I'm glad to see they are. Probably a lot of colors to use at this point. That certainly covers a lot more popular mods at this point. If I may, I'll like to suggest Orchid Mod, as it has three classes: Shaman, Alchemist, and Gambler. Also Esper Class mod.

Pvt Fudgepants

I actually had downloaded those 2 mods last and was planning on adding them, but I was trying to decide what color to use and figured I'd just come back to them later (especially seeing as the alchemist and gambler don't seem to be fully finished yet).

I guess with colors it doesn't really matter if there's 2 similar looking ones, seeing as vanilla has everything the same. I try to keep them a little different but of course there's gonna be a little overlap.
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