Rainbow Bullets

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  1. MasterLuigi452

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    Reading some of the suggestions of bullets and ammo, I thought up a strange bullet type.
    I call it Rainbow Bullets.
    I will try to do the sprite, but what it will look like is a Musket Ball with rainbow color change just like Rainbow Brick.

    How to craft
    [​IMG] 50 Exploding Bullets + [​IMG] 50 Golden Bullets + [​IMG] 50 High Velocity Bullets + [​IMG] 50 Chlorophyte Bullets + [​IMG] 50 Nano Bullets + [​IMG] 50 Crystal Bullets + [​IMG] 50 Venom Bullets + [​IMG] 1 Hallowed Bar = 50 Rainbow Bullets.

    New Crafting Recipe Suggested by Frain Breeze
    Damage: 10
    Velocity: 5
    Rarity: [​IMG]
    Sell Value: 13[​IMG]

    Special Properties
    This special bullet will have ALL of the bullet effects from the bullets that were used to craft Rainbow Bullet.
    However, the bullet effects will be different from each shot and each shots will be completely random.
    Alternative: The shots are fired in order of red to purple. So the order of the bullets fired are EB -> GB -> HB -> ChB -> NB -> CryB -> VB and cycle from the top.

    How the Bullets Look when Fired
    Each shots will keep the original firing colors from the original bullets, so the user can see which bullet s/he just fired from using a Rainbow Bullet.

    My Thoughts and Possible Changes
    At first, I planned Orange and Green as Ichor Bullet and Cursed Bullet respectively. However, this meant one has to create a new world to gather either Cursed Flame, or Ichor. I wanted the materials to craft this bullet able to obtain in a single world. Rather than jumping to different worlds to gather alternative materials of Corruption and Crimson.
    I personally don't think 1 Hallowed Bar is necessary to craft this bullet. Sure. The bullets themselves are huge investment in terms of money, but this bullet will be a post-Plantera ammunition. Meaning you cannot craft this bullet until you can get hands on Vial of Venom.
    Since this bullet will have all of the bullet effects that were used in crafting, I think the damage can be knocked down to 9 instead of 10.

    So what do you guys think? Even with the base damage lower than Venom Bullet, do you think this bullet is too strong?
    Or is there something else you are curious about?
    Please. Leave a comment and discuss!
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  2. Baconfry

    Baconfry Official Terrarian

    A special accessory that causes bullets to be drawn from random stacks in the inventory might be something easier to work with.
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  3. MasterLuigi452

    MasterLuigi452 Headless Horseman

    Coding wise, maybe.
    But this bullet alone will save spaces for your inventory.
  4. TerrorPenguin

    TerrorPenguin Plantera

    maybe there just a rainbow colour and give one of these debuffs randomly each time?
  5. Ziggyzagoo

    Ziggyzagoo Terrarian

    Not bad! But not incredible. But I'm personally a melee type of guy so my opinion might be useless.
  6. Snickerbobble

    Snickerbobble Headless Horseman

    The crafting sounds like a pain.. but the ammo is interesting. Not sure if it would be OP with faster firing guns as you'd pretty much have all effects happening at the same time.
  7. MasterLuigi452

    MasterLuigi452 Headless Horseman

    So the bullet colors change as they travel in rainbow color? I guess that works.

    Keep in mind that the real debuffs from this bullet are Confused and Venom.
    If I had Ichor and Cursed Bullets replacing Golden and High Velocity Bullets like I mentioned at My Thought section, then this bullet would be OP.
  8. Frain Breeze

    Frain Breeze Terrarian

    I like the concept, but crafting them would be kind of annoying. Why not cut the middleman (bullet types) and have it crafted with the other bullets' ingredients? I.e.
    • 1 Crystal Shard
    • 1 Cog
    • 1 Nanites
    • 1 Explosive Powder
    • 1 Gold Dust
    • 1 Cholorophye Bar
    • 1 Vial of Venom
    • 1 Hallowed Bar
    Maybe include 50 empty bullets, but you could assume that's what the hallowed bar is for. Still a lot of ingredients, but less tedious than crafting each individual type first.
  9. MasterLuigi452

    MasterLuigi452 Headless Horseman

    Friggin genius.
    How come I didn't come up with this method? I'll add this idea at OP soon.
  10. Yes this one is good!
  11. FlakMaster

    FlakMaster The Destroyer

    Meh, inventory management has never been hard for me, especially for ammunition.

    These bullets, while interesting, would be too random/too much variety (for the alternative) to be effective in comparison to using a single-personality bullet. When I want to kill hoards of enemies and keep them at bay at the same time, I get explosive bullets. When I want raw DPS, I get Crystal bullets. When I can't be bothered to aim, I use Chlorophyte (I never do, actually). Even if you added the Ichor/Cursed bullets to the mix, they still wouldn't beat either specialised builds.

    And yet you have the best bullet in the game on the list. I don't think having Ichor and Cursed up there would hurt at all. In fact, it might actually be a reason to use these bullets because of the 'automated' Ichor.
  12. I'd rather the bullet fired had a rainbow spark trail and played the Nyan Cat song sometimes when you fire it and the bullet will keep playing it if your close enough. So in PVP: NYAN NYAN NYAN Other Player: Lol wat u gonna do m8? Me: TASTE THE RAINBOW B1TCH! *360_Noscope Couldn't handle the rainbows*
  13. LoveSpreader

    LoveSpreader Terrarian

    I really don't see this catching on. Like Flak said, the max DPS you can achieve either by exploding bullets on mobs, or crystal bullets on single targets will be far better than this.... Malarkey. I think it should have a new ability instead, unrelated to the bullets listed, but nevertheless has a tie-in with the materials. As to what that is, I'm afraid I'm coming up short.

    It is, a somewhat acceptable concept, but outside of reasons of vanities and making a mess, I don't see much use for it.
  14. MasterLuigi452

    MasterLuigi452 Headless Horseman

    I think I will scrap this idea, but remake it with different bullet effect...
    Stay tuned. I may have to make new thread for this.