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Ranger Build Sustaining Emblems


Empress of Light
Lifesteal and regeneration are certainly touchy subjects. Both mechanics are difficult to balance. Melee and caster builds have some means of sustaining themselves. Ranged builds have to resort to less effective methods, such as switching weapon damage-types and losing a lot of DPS. I don't believe ammunition is the best way to give range a form of sustain. While Shroomite's set bonus feels contradictory to ranger setups (except maybe Holy Arrow Tsunami grinds, which prefer to be still), I don't think changing the armor is ideal either. Taking a similar approach as the Mechanical Glove/Fire Gauntlet, I believe the simplest way is a new accessory and here are two different possible options.

Spore Emblem - 1x Ranger emblem, 1x Fungal Core (new material from Giant Fungi Bulbs), 200x Glowing Mushrooms. Ranged damage instances a chance to cause Spore Shower, increasing regeneration by 5HP/1S for 5 seconds. Increases ranged damage by 9%.


Symbiote Emblem - 1x Ranger Emblem + Livid Larva (new material from Ichor Stickers), 15x Souls of Night .- Ranged damage instances have a chance to spawn a crimson symbiote that
latches onto an enemy for up to 5 seconds, dealing very minor damage but stealing 20 HP. Increases ranged damage by 9%.

Both could have a short internal cooldown or a low proc chance (~4-5% because rapid chain-gun is scary stuff). Spore Shower would be represented by a simple, shimmering blue particle effect while Symbiote functions similarly to the Pirahna Gun, but less controlled and less damage. You lose a bit of damage from transmuting the Ranger Emblem, but the trade off is a unique form of HP sustain.

For some extra flavor, fungal cores could be used to craft a Fungi Bulb vanity (the head slot could simply be a bobbling
) while livid larva could be used as another form of 50% power bait.

Questions, concerns?


Support as long as Lecic's suggestion is taken into consideration. Nuking the chance to proc because of rapid fire weapons is unfair to slower weapons.


Empress of Light
That was only an example of how it might get out of hand if it were constantly proccing healing effects. Certainly though, Lecic's idea is interesting.

Appropriately, that reminds me of the damage cap on the Spectre set bonuses which seem pretty necessary for balance's sake.
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