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PC Real working battleship minigame with logic gates!

This is a minigame of Batteship I been building for two weeks now. This game is exact to the originals as possible. Due to the release of logic gates in terraria 1.3, it's now possible to "Fit" this game within terrarias world sizes. That is with a bunch of junction boxes :)

Unfortunately, terrarias multiplayer engine does not allow for complex logic systems to run in multiplayer. This is due to the engines limitations and or bad coding support for it. Hopefully 1.4 will tweak this but until then its not possible to play this co-op (That I know of). Maybe there are mods out there that will allow this to somehow work?

Until then, you can download the map and explore. The builds 100% debugged and working in solo. Multiplayer ready.

Wire: 1,320,976 (6,604,880‬ Silver) (66,048 Gold) Logic Gates: 6,202 (12,404‬ Gold) Lamps: 17,158 (171,580 Silver) (1,715 Gold) Junction Boxes: 985,817 (1,971,634‬ Silver) (19,716 Gold)
SIZE: Width: 2,943 | 3,200 Height: 1,085 | 1,200
Wiring Assistants - azazel - Tomface - jacob.kane.simpson - Paul - Official T-Forums (Legend)
Main Sign Editing Assistants - azazel
Design Assistant - noot - Bird! Beta Testers - Astroo
Travis Savoie- Last Stand (2019 Epic Dark Gothic Battle Rock) DISCLAIMER Music belong to respectful Owners-Travis Savoie Music and composers (By himself),I do not own either the Images ,and no copyright infringement is intended. All Credits Goes to the artist.


Skeletron Prime
Top! Congrats :)

It shared here :)


Welcome to Battleship!
This is an 100% working copy of the original game. Made of pure logic.
This is one of the most expensive minigames built in Terraria.
Costing over 1.013,85 Platinum.
Spanding wire over 3.200 x 1.200 blocks, it easily consumes most of an entire small world.
The build contains a modest, 1.320.976 Hand-Placed Wires, 6.200 Logic Gates, 17.158 Logic Lamps and 985.817 Junction Boxes! (Wire Pipes).
Game includes full game-reset support!
The left screen shows your attacks on the enemy.
The right screen shows your fleet + enemy attacks on you.
When an enemy hits your fleet it gets announced and your dot goes black.
The point system is pretty self-explanatory, but for each cumulative ship that gets skunk, you get +1 point.
Thanks for watching!
Further thanks to all the people who assisted me in this build.
Unfortunately ...
Due to terrarias engine, this co-op game is unable to run in multiplayer as the large quantity of logic systems actually "breaks" when hosted online.
If problems assist in later versions, further additions will be single player with an A.I.

(Redigit please fix lol)

All we can do is hope 1.4x will fix this!

As always, world-download in description :-D

*easy translate for other languages
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