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    Hello fellow terrarians! Are you bored with vanilla Terraria? Wish there was more to do?
    Too bad! Because this thread doesn't contain any big, game-changing ideas. Only reasonably small changes for developer consideration!
    Firstly, my legs are killing me. I've been walking around slaying beasts and climbing mountains without rest! Wouldn't it be great if you, the player could sit in a chair? I know, crazy! So crazy in fact that it just might work! And wouldn't it be great if we could place food on plates? We know we're getting a few new food items in 1.3.6 so why not display them at your next family gathering! Just imagine the possibilities! Finally, a use for fancy dishes!
    Next up are a series brand new achievements, something which Terraria has needed since they were added.
    1. Slayer of Gods
    Or in other words, Slayer of Worlds 2: Electric Boogaloo.
    This achievement would be unlocked for defeating all bosses in expert mode.
    2. I don't have names for these but I think it'd be great if we had achievements for
    (a) defeating old man's army (tier 3)
    (b) obtaining D.C.U.
    (c) obtaining the cell phone
    (d) obtaining the ankh charm/shield

    Tweaks/Small Changes
    Also, please change the selling prices for different mounts, they are very broken. At the moment the D.C.U. sells as much as the slime mount...
    The texture of a few items are very dated. For example: Ginger beard, most 1.1 early hardmode metal stuff and some of the pre-hardmode metal stuff. (Give the armor and weapons better shading and color that actually looks like the bars, which are beautiful.) Fix the female hallowed breastplate and the orichalcum headgear (looks very awkward on player.) I also feel like lens on the texture for goggles should be transparent. One texture I feel is very out of place is the eye spring.
    Slap hand: More knockback, less price, bigger size, make it easier to obtain. Easy Fix.
    Laser Drill: Make it a bit faster, have a bit more range and give it a fun gimmick. Maybe, whenever you mine something with it, it automatically goes into your inventory? (Unless, of course, there is no room)

    The economy of the Terraria world is not a stable one, but some price changes and general adjustment of NPC shops would make a substantial difference.
    Also, let the merchant sell apprentice bait, like all the other stuff he sells it's basic starter equipment for fishing. I got this idea from the Calamity Mod and I think it needs to be implemented in vanilla.

    Expert Mode Tweaks
    The brain of confusion. Fix it. It's bad. Really, really bad. The terraria team is smart, they know they can fix it. They just haven't. I feel like most expert items need a buff (except for a few.)

    That's about all I have to say for today! I'll update this thread when I get any new ideas for your consideration!
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    I could say what I'd add to Terraria in the upcoming 1.3.6 update, but everything that I would add is either game changing, big, or... stupid. WHO CARES.

    After defeating the Moonlord, there's not much you can do, that you weren't able to do previous to the defeat. Sure, there are the Moonlord's drops and all of the luminite stuff, but, what's the point in all of the post-ml stuff, if there's nothing else to do, except make some random game up and hope it solves the problem. Sure, this is quite a big spot to fill, and that's why I think it could be saved for another time.
    2. Selling prices of, a lot of things.
    Being either increased or decreased, some items have horrible selling prices, for example, boss trophies. Am I the only one who thinks 1 gold is enough for some of the harder bosses, namely, Moonlord and Duke Fishron?

    I can't really think of anything else right now, but you have some good ideas.
  3. You should really make a different thread for your own suggestions instead of piggybacking off of someone else's.
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