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PC Red's All Item Mall!

How much for:

The Sextant/Weather Radio/Fisherman's Pocket Guide
Either those 3 items or just a Fish finder

And a metal detector.

And a rod of discord.


This is my current list, please provide what you can and I will pay :

Stack of each bar, 2 luminite, 3 Iron/Lead
Stack of each wood, mainly spooky
Stack of Coralstone
3 stacks of stone

Stack of each fragment

Fisherman's Pocket Guide

Frozen Chest Key
Corrupt Chest Key
Crimson Chest Key

Dev sets :
Jim's clothes set
Loki's clothes set/dyes
Red's clothes set
Skiph's clothes set/dyes
Yoraiz0r's clothes set

Golden Critters: Bird, Bunny, Squirrel, Butterfly, Worm

Some rarer banners

Any of the five rare dungeon paintings.


Official Terrarian
Heya, can I have a Sextant/Weather Radio/Fisherman's Pocket Guide, cat ears, metal detector and and maybe blessed apple
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