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  1. Red Slime

    Red Slime Official Terrarian

    Hi, after a long, long, "hiatus" (more like being lazy) I've decided to revamp my entire profile and art threads, because i have too much free time and too little of a life. Since I last made a post on here i think i've improved a hell of a lot in my drawings, so i might as well post some stuff here.

    I'm not home at the moment, so I don't have a lot of images here yet, but more things will appear here in the coming weeks.

    Kinda crappy grill and some ballpoint hair
    Scribbles with a brush pen i did, saved it because I liked how the dude on the right came out IMG_0114.JPG
    A time I didn't mess up my perspective completely for once (sorry for the crappy quality, don't have a better pic ATM)
    20838151_1661443024006888_3113757401614909440_n (1).jpg
    Two chill dudes
    Old man, or mountains, like some people have interpreted it
    Corto Maltese firing a machine gun
    Dragon concept from when I played Dragonvale
    Barista grill, study of another piece
    Dragon head, another study (he looks kinda stoned tbh)
    Another dragon head I made wayy back in February of last year

    Some swords/daggers and a mobile phone (not the best anatomy but I tried)
    Sword studies.jpg
    More swords (please ignore that thumb on the left)
    A face and some weird robot silhouette
    Random things I did that i saved because they came out kinda nice

    In conclusion, I've come a long way since my last drawing I put here, but I've still got a whole other long way to go from here on out.

    Requests are: On hold

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  2. MarshMallow

    MarshMallow King Slime

    You have some pretty sketches, as I can see. But sadly most of them are not terraria-related, So if you really want to share more this with community, use the right thread. If you look around the forum, you will find "Not Terraria Related content" section, which is place to go. :)
  3. Red Slime

    Red Slime Official Terrarian

    It seems like it hasn\t been an issue for others, so I doubt it will for me. :happy:
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