**REPORTED** resolution scale bug (PLS FIX)


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so I booted the game after its update ( and the resolution scale went crazy and I couldn't fix it. is this part of the update?
I also have this problem, the text is way too big now compared to 1.3. And no, changing resolution isn't a solution.
This went away after a few days, but every time it updates, it messes up the resolution scale. If this happens again, go to settings and click window mode/full screen
So, the way this usually works for me is this: Every hotfix the resolution gets messed up- this has already been reported. Changing the resolution seems to do nothing in Windowed, you must be fullscreen to do it. Once you're in Fullscreen, simply change the resolution where you want it, and it will "remember" that resolution setting until the next hotfix where it breaks again.
However, now that that bug has been logged, they might fix it with the next hotfix meaning that this is no longer necessary.

It sounds a bit like @Xyifer12 is having a different issue though, and unfortunately, I don't have enough info to help them. I think that problem is that the UI Scale is set too high.
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