WIP Right Click Skill : Wand of Sparkling

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    Wand of Sparkling
    Type Weapon
    Damage 8 Magic
    Knockback 0 (No Knockback)
    Critical chance 4%
    Use time 27 Average
    Velocity 7
    Tooltip Shoots a small spark
    Right click to make the pillar of flames

    Inflicts Debuff [​IMG]On Fire!
    50% chance
    Debuff duration
    2 seconds
    Debuff tooltip Slowly losing life
    Rarity [​IMG]
    Sell 10‚ÄČ[​IMG]
    Internal Item ID: 3069

    Right clicking clicking shoots a spark to the cursors location.

    Spark Info:
    • Does 2 damage
    • No critical chance
    • Velocity of 10
    • Little knockback.
    • No Pierce

    Now you might be thinking what a sucky right click ability. Wrong. If it hits the ground, it creates a pillar of flames that stands at 4 blocks tall and 2 blocks wide. It creates a flamelike wall like the clinger staff.

    Flame Pillar Info:
    • Does 9 damage
    • Base damage, meaning buffs effect this damage.
    • 20% Critical Hit Chance
    • No Knockback
    • Stays active 2 and a half seconds
    • Inflicts On Fire! obviously!

    I created this to give the wand some more attention. Thats pretty much all. Thanks for reading!

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    I like it! By the way, you spelled sparking wrong in the title :/.
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    Would be fun! Oh! Another idea, it can make magic fire torches .