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Texture Pack Rings of Fire



that moment when you go through the trouble of making an animated
icon... but neither Steam Workshop nor Terraria lets you use it ,_,

Hey again, everyone!
After months of lazing around but also mostly hard work, I finally got to finish this project! I know I've only ever teased about this but rest assured I'm here to offer a release to all that pent up frustration!

So thank you all for waiting, and please let me present to you...

Rings of Fire Promotional Media.jpg

Rings of Fire Workshop Variations.jpg

Screenies Active 1.png
Meme of Fire.jpg

I couldn't resist memeing haha

"time to play with Fire!"
Rings Line.png

Here's a short video of how the animations look in-game done by my friend on Steam, They Took My Job:

Available Variations:
  • Inferno - the Default, Most-epic, Hella Lit, Complete Version
  • Constellation - Less heavy variation composed of only the smaller main fireballs
  • Personal Space - Variation that only shows elements along the outline of the aura for better visibility inside it.
  • Twins - Variation with only 2 large fireballs circling the user
Add-on Variations:
Simply extract the contents of these zip files to the resource pack folder "...\Content\Images" and then you can switch to them anytime

Apparently, Inferno wasn't fiery enough yet.. so someone asked for Inferno with the Twins also included. Greedy bastard.. he thinks just like me!
I gotchu fam!
[ Download FlameRing - Hybrid.zip ]

FlameRing - Hybrid.png


more coming maybe. idk
Guide on how to change to a different style

Planned/Tentative Updates:
It's as good as done already in my opinion. Maybe there'll be small tweaks here and there to improve some parts but I don't see any major changes coming down the line.
On the other hand, I will be making additional variations. They'll be posted to this same thread to keep them all easy to find. These future variations will be more theme oriented (so more than just the aura will be changed) and may be based on any of the following themes:

  • Flarefin Koi
  • Runes
  • Firebloom

Steam Workshop Link:

Man that took a while to sprite everything ._.'
But it was a lot of fun to make! :D
I don't really know what else to say so I hope you guys enjoy it!

Got some spicy thoughts a brewin? Or maybe a suggestion for a new style? Then what the hecc u waitin for? -- Let me know!



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  • Rings of Fire v.1.0 PXL.zip
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  • FlameRing - Hybrid.zip
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Bit of a strange contrast probably in the artstyles or smth but that looks sick nevertheless. Finally inferno potions have a (cosmetic) use!
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