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tModLoader Rognir Mod



Thanks for checking out Rognir, our first Terraria mod!

What is Rognir?

Rognir is a small content mod made by my friends and I. We created this mod in hopes to test the modding water in case we want to make a larger content mod someday.
If you guys do check it out, any feedback would be very appreciated! This project has been on-going for a couple of months and we finally got down to publishing it today!

You can download the latest version of the mod through tModLoader or via our Github page.

"What's Included?":
- 1 Boss
- 5 Items
- 1 Song

Benjazzy - Coder
Varin - Coder
Kouentokoro - Lore/Music
Salted - Spriter
Kavathag - Lore
JaWoody - Music
Hiskid - Coder

Installation Guide
1. Go to mod Browser
2. Type in "Rognir"
3. Click the "Download" arrow
4. Go to "Mods" ingame
5. Click Make sure "Rognir x.x.x" is enabled
6. click "Reload Mods"
And you're done!
1. Download "Rognir.tmod" from our Github page
2. go to "C:\Users\[YOURUSERHERE]\Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader\mods"
3. Drop in rognir.tmod
And you're done!

If any issues or bugs arise, feel free to make a issues report on our Github or in the replies below!

Thanks again for giving us a look!

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