Sadness Debuff


The Destroyer
Like the usage of the Kübler-Ross Model of Grief. Really shows that research (or binge watching game theory lol) went into this.
But still. The debuff sounds annoying, so no support.
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While an interesting concept, in practice it would just add excess frustration. I'd kill my character just to get rid of the debuff. Given that I have lava pits outside my base...


Also, try fighting the Wall of Flesh after killing the motherloving Guide. What is already a decent challenge for new characters becomes an immediate slog through literal hell because you got an extra debuff from killing the Guide. (There'd probably be an Obvious Rule Patch with that one, though.)


Skeletron Prime
lol what? I don't even get sad from a pixelated characters dying. 7 days? Trying to annoy me huh? Sorry no support. All of the debuffs you mentioned are very annoying.

This suggestion feels like there is too much realism even though it's not realistic.
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