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SaltyBeggar's suggestions


welcome to my suggestion portfolio, here I am going to put all my suggestions in this forums!
Let's get started
Shape detector and indestructible blocks (an placeable that produces energy current after putting an item in it, for maps uses)

endless rocket factory (pretty self explanatory right?)

"quick return to home" key (a key that you click that makes you use your recall potion or magic mirror)

shield potion (explosion-immunity potion) (makes you immune to tile-destroying explosions. Useful for clearing areas)

Bomb slime (a slime that explodes)

Constructor goblin (a goblin that constructs walls)

solar plate (daylight receiver) (pretty self explanatory)

wip suggestions:
evil and hollow cactus (crimson, corruption cactus) (not done yet, but a good concept)

and ofc my best ideas:

a kind of chest mover ( if you don't know, you cannot break or move chest with itens inside of it)

make the bunnies jump (why not?)
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