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PC Seeking people to play Terraria Coop! [Expert Mode Enabled] [2 or 4-player COOP]


There has been an missuderstanding by everyone apparently - If you add me on Discord, then already find a group while you wait, I WILL remove you from my friendlist, because I don't see a reason to keep you around. Take it as whatever you want; But know this, if you add me as a friend only to tell me you found a group, I will be polite and say "Alright" or "Okay" and remove you as a friend. There's no other reason to keep people around!

It has been changed! The Search will go on until the last person joins! The thread will not be closed until the final person has joined the group, and it will remain active, incase somebody gets banned in the server!

Seeking people to play with on Terraria! Server will be hosted via steam. Also the Server has mods you can either download them via joining the server, or look at the list and download them manually (Some mods are no longer on the list, perhaps the original creator removed them or TModLoader is doing weird.)

The goal will be reaching the end and even after defeating the final boss (Either Vanilla or modded, depending what people decide on) and then build a town or something! Or perhaps we get new ideas!

My Discord; Chocobo#1705
My Steam; Elania Isabella

Discord Group; https://discord.gg/52AZK - Yes, we finally have a Discord Group!

(Yes, I have an Avian icon from Starbound as my profile~)

PS: I forgot to add! I live in Europe, so, if join but also lag, it is fault of my internet or steam, or both. If you live in America (USA), you MIGHT get lag! Anyone is welcome and the thread will be closed when I got a total of 4 Players (You can still add me though!) The server will then be whitelisted via a Password that will be sent to all 3 players.

Also! I will keep the thread updated when something changes (Unless I am asleep. Lol.) So! Look below here to check the current players! (Not giving out names, only numbers of total players, privacy reasons.)

Current Players: 1/4 (Re-Opening again! If you want to join last time, this is your chance now!)
World Type: Small (Due to lag reasons from other clients and mods, Medium and Large are too much for Server-based Worlds.)
Type of Evil: Random
Mods: Recipe Browser V0.6.1.3, Loot Bags v0.13, Thorium Mod v1.4.3.8, Calamity Mod v1.3.1.1, Boss Checklist v0.1.5.3, Auto Trash v0.2.1.3, Tremor Mod Remastered v1.3.2.7, Yet Another Boss Health Bar v1.2.1, Which Mod Is This From? v2.4, and What Ammo Does It Shoot? v0.1.1, Magic Storage v0.4.3.1, Chad's Furniture Mod v1.4.0.3.

(PSS: Some of the mods are no longer on the Mod Browser, but no worries! If you join me, you will download them automatically from my server!)
(PSSS: Revengeance Mode is enabled (Calamity Mod) so, if you spawn with the item, use it just to make sure nothing goes haywire.)

(And obviously we need rules!) Current Rules;

1.- Do NOT use an Overpowered character, ALWAYS make a new one!
2.- Do not grief peoples' rooms/houses. It's no fun and will get you banned from the server (Basically your slot will be freed for somebody else.)
3.- If people want to be left alone (Might happen!) then just leave them be. We are all strangers yet also friends together and cooperating to beat the game!
4.- Any Classes are free to take! (That means if somebody took tank doesn't mean you can't go tank aswell. Just play what you like.)
5.- Don't be greedy. (Do not steal from us then leave game, that will get you banned and your slot freed for somebody else.)
6.- Do not use cheats/hacks/glitches to get you or us an advantatge. (It's no fun! Besides, if you glitch us things, then give it to us, then there's no need for mining or exploring, then the game becomes boring.)
7.- Do not complain if you have to go offline and we do things while you're offline. If you have to go offline for hours, and I want to play, it doesn't mean I will play singleplayer only, if other people want to play or I want to continue the world, it is my choice to do so, and if I continue the world without you, don't complain over it.
8.- And at last, have fun!

PS: Being offline too long will automatically remove you from the list, and kicked. The last thing we need is somebody joining, and not playing for two weeks, and suddenly comming back just to play again. - If you join, we expect dedication on your end aswell! It doesn't mean you have to come in daily, but comming online once, then offline 3-4 days, then comming back, and so on, will get you removed from the list. (And if you know that this will happen to you, please don't bother asking then! It will save a lot of trouble from both of us.) - Keep in mind that I live in the EU! If you live in the USA or in Australia, with a bad connection, you might experience lag. It's nothing I can do, so... If you by chance experience lag, You can either deal with it, or search for another server, that might work out for you.

PSS: Joining with an overpowered character or a character with strong gear, even if it's just to catch up with us, is against the rules, which means that if I see you doing that, I will kick you out, delete you from my friend list, and don't try joining via other people; Friends of Friends is disabled. (I can't stress that enough. New character means new Character, no exeptions.

PSSS: I will be writing a story about this server, and it will be published on Google Docs. Once the game is over, and also the story written, it will be shared on this thread. If you want your Terrarian's (Terraria Character) name to be added, just send a DM on Discord or Steam. If you don't, I will automatically assume you don't want your name there and it will be hidden.

PSSSS: Once the written-story of this server is done; A friend of mine, is planning to an animation of that story, if he does, he will upload it on youtube and might ask you for your voice input, as an voice actor for said Animation. (If he works on it that is!) However! To conclude his agreement of making an animation, if you wish to give your voice to the animation, you have to be either at or above 18. If you are under 18, he will deny having your voice in the character, and will either make him/her mute or ask for somebody else. -- As said; HE MIGHT NOT WORK ON IT!. He only agreed that he might do it if I get the story done with people, and play the game fully through. However he MIGHT change his opinion on it and not even do it at all. That said, if you join just to have an animation done for your character, you should look somewhere else then. He might not even do it. It all depends at the end.

That said, here are the challenges!

Current Challenges;

1.- Beat Vanilla Terraria (Beating all Pre-Hardmode and Hardmode Bosses, even modded bosses, until reaching and beating Moon Lord)
2.- Beat all Post-Moon Lord bosses (Modded bosses)
3.- Make a new world and new characters and setting them on Hardcore Difficulty.
4.- Beating the game with Hardcore Difficulty Characters.
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Red Slime

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Sure - You just have to add me on Steam and Discord and I invite you to our group on Discord. However there's only one space left, if you are too slow/late, your invitation will be automatically declined.
Sure, just PMme your discord and steam names!

EDIT: I'm blind, adding
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