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Xbox One Selling Hardmode weapons and armor

Discussion in 'Want to Sell' started by Chriller95, Apr 12, 2019.

  1. Chriller95

    Chriller95 Terrarian

    Hi guys,

    I’m selling a bunch of hardmode weapons.

    I have a full set of titanium armor, a bunch of legendary swords and a few accessories.

    I’m looking for some hardmode guns or mainly the Ankh Charm/ bandages, vitamins, countercourse mantra or blindfold.
  2. Pj Crenshaw

    Pj Crenshaw Terrarian

    Hit me up, my game tag is ID Cr3nshxw
  3. GrimWither_Is_Pro

    GrimWither_Is_Pro Terrarian

    I got some legendary guns