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    Hey guys, so, i have insanely weird luck with fishing where i can manage to get like 3 Zephyr fish in a row lol(friends that i've played with can back me up on this too xD)

    So, since i have this insane luck, i have a lot of items that are useless to me that end up fishing up! lol

    ranging from Golden Crates to Scaley Truffles, you name it, and i'll probably have it! xD only thing i can't sell yet is the quest rewards, my luck doesn't go that far lol

    I have:
    - Golden Crates : 0 - Will be fishing up more however!
    - Iron Crates : 13 at this time of posting
    - Wooden Crates : 65 at this time of posting
    - Zephyr fish : 2 at this time of posting(i tend to sell them, lack of inventory lol)
    - Scaley Truffle : 10+ at this time of posting
    - Frog Leg : 9
    - Balloon Pufferfish : 4

    What i am looking for, i am looking for 1 Fetid Baghnakhs and that's really all, i've been farming crimson chests like crazy and i just keep getting tendon hooks lol so i decided to post this, see if anyone's got one. i don't care what modifier it has, anything is perfectly fine!

    Everything else in the list after i get one will be up for trade for anything really.

    PS. i can't do anything corruption fishing related, my world didn't have the corruption so i have the crimson biome xd

    also, if there's anything you'd like to request that is fishing lemme know what it is and i'll see if i can get it for ya!

    If you'd like to trade you can either post here or just message me, either is fine!

    Hopefully that's everything!

    - Growlith1223


    Just to show im not lyin about the items i get, i just fished for about 30 mins and got all of this XD

    ALSO while i DO want the Fetid Baghnakhs, im not just trading for that right now, i will accept anything but just keep in mind that i do want the baghnakhs lol

    EDIT 2: no longer need the Fetid Baghnakhs thanks to SteveisNoob! everything is up for trade for whatever you want to trade it for! im not really needing any of these items as i already have them for myself so anything's up for trade for what you see in the screenshot!
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    I want your Golden Crates. Of course, you will be taken a good Fetid Baghnakhs from me :)
  3. Growlith1223

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    awesome! i'll send you a message so you can connect and get your Crates!
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  4. SteveisNoob

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    Very good! I'm preparing your awesome weapon!
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  5. Growlith1223

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    Thank you, @SteveisNoob for the trade

    I no longer need to trade for the Fetid Baghnakhs so everything's up for trade for whatever!
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  6. SteveisNoob

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    Hey, I managed to obtain 96 Titanium Bars from your crates! That's the best! Thanks!
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