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  1. partitionpenguin

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    I'll begin this post by explaining that my friend @NecromelMEMO437 and I really wanted to tAPI mods. Thorium, Omnir's mod, Necropolis, etc, we wanted it back. After doing a bit of research, we figured it out. We were so excited to play! But of course, we needed some mods to play, so I did a bit of digging on TCF Released mods section, and I found the following that we approved of:
    • Omnir's Nostalgia Pack by Omnir
    • GRealm by Grox the Great
    • Pumpking's Mod by Pumpkinng
    • More Weapons Mod by Myrngkoyou
    We started playing these 4 mods all at once and we loved the sheer amount of content and stuff. So we thought, "Well, maybe some people like this assembly too! Let's put it on TCF!." And so we did.

    The link to the modpack is below, and all the mods are for tAPI r15. Dependencies (like Grox the Great's Basemod) are included. Have fun!

    (No I did not create these mods. The authors above did. Cookies to all the awesome people who made these amazing mods! Blame it on Omnir for these way-too-awesome people.)
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  2. Shaedric

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    Did you remember to ask for permission?
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  3. partitionpenguin

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    Oh :red:!! Let me ask each them on their tcf profiles.
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  4. Omnir

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    Looks good to me : D Actually makes it easier, this way >: D
  5. partitionpenguin

    partitionpenguin Skeletron Prime

    Well @Pumpking since I can't seem to post a message on your profile I'm just going to ask you here: can we use your mod in our modpack where we credited you? Sorry about not asking in advance
  6. Cheeseboy157

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    great mudpack! might make a LP on it soon. :)
  7. Rockstarr321

    Rockstarr321 Terrarian

    Hey, can someone help me out. I cant launch tAPI, im pretty sure because i cant downgrade patches to how did you do it? This modpack looks great and cant wait to try it, thanks!:)
  8. partitionpenguin

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    Thanks for complimenting our modpack! Add me on steam and I'll give you a tutorial :)
  9. SoulCat

    SoulCat Terrarian

    Can you help me as well :)

  10. partitionpenguin

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    Oh duh i forgot to say i'm True Necro Warlord. And you?
  11. Rockstarr321

    Rockstarr321 Terrarian

    My steam is Rockstarr543
  12. Desolent

    Desolent Terrarian

    Is there a tutorial on how to download this?

    I'm a fairly new player, so I can't understand even the basics.
  13. partitionpenguin

    partitionpenguin Skeletron Prime

    Add me on steam and I'll give you a tutorial.
  14. SoulCat

    SoulCat Terrarian

    Just as a thanks I finally figured it out forgot to tell you love the modpack tho
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  15. Desolent

    Desolent Terrarian

    Could you tell me your steam, then?
  16. partitionpenguin

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    This was from months ago and you've probably lost interest but:
    Necro '16
  17. Senpai5442

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    i have c r i p p l i n g c r 1 n g e
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    Posts on Threads are required to have relevant content on them that relates to the Thread Discussion. This post is random and has nothing to do with the Thread Topic. Please do not post if it is only going to be a post of a random nature.
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  19. f4iTh

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    I had the same issue and couldn't really find any of the tAPI mods anywhere. This will be great, thanks a bunch!