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Queen Slime
I'll start with a life hack I like and often use. Before battling a boss in Hardmode like a mechanical boss, summon an Eye of Cthulhu and quickly kill it. The massive heart pool that it drops can be a life saver.

So what's your life hack or tip?
Go fishing in the Hive biome. One of the two fishes you can get while fishing there can heal you for more than 100 HP.

It's also the second best "potion" you can use in Pre Hardmode (unless you want to waste time farming Greater Healing Potions in Gold Chests)
Get a extractinator (i usualy get them from crates from fishing). Or you can find them in the wood house ruins underground. Once you have this just mine silt and slush. You will get all the ore and gems you need to get full gold/platinum armor and tools. Aswell as enough diamonds to make staff and hook. I think one of the quickest ways to get great starting gear. One more fish ocean biome for reaver shark and sawtooth shark best prehardmode axe and pick.
1. Build a entire wall of bricks that can't be hallow-fied/corrupted/crimsonfied on the surface AND underground. This will prevent any of these biomes from spreading. I used the giant tree wood.
2. A minion can break a Life Fruit when they are aggressive. Do that when near one.
Probably some of the oldest tricks in the book, but when starting a new world,
Go to one side of the world to try and get an Enchanted Sword/Arkhalis, Go to the Dungeon and hope that a water bolt spawned above 100' Underground. (Very OP)
Or if your world is Corruption, get a few bombs and break a shadow orb(100% chance to drop a musket first time) which is helpful because that will do two things:
1, be then able to have the Arms dealer move in, and 2, have a 31 base ranged damage weapon super early game. (Not so useful if you're playing with a class, such as Mage or Warrior)

Those are my life-hacks, getting good weapons early game.
Ok, I guess I'll post a serious one now. This is probably the fastest way into hardmode I've came up with, but leaves you extremely underpowered.

The Bare Minimum-
Corruption/Crimsin armor
Bee Gun
Gravity Potion
Obsidian Skin Potion
Some form of flight boots

So you want to start out with about a 50 block long platform and then summon the wof at one end. Don't forget to drink your potions. Then you want to throw your beenades up in the air. They will rip through The Hungry. Then, simply fire the bee gun until the wof is dead.
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