Should I continue my multiplayer world solo?


I’ve been playing through expert mode with some friends but one says they’re losing interest in the game. We’re currently finishing off pylon housing before the WOF fight. Should I let him quit or should I try to convince him to see it through to the mech bosses?
if they are sure they want to quit, ask if they are fine with you continuing without them. Sometimes people are weird and will say "no, I want that world to stay as it is"

then just tell them either you continue without them or with them.
Thanks my other issue is that I’m not sure what my other friend will do in the situation as we all played together.
I’m not sure if he will continue on the world or quit to play another game ( which is what they have been doing recentely)
With hardmode being a soft reset in progression, I’d use that to your advantage and continue it solo post-WoF
what you could do if they want to quit is continue on your own into hard mode but keep the area around spawn exactly the same so if they join back on they at first don’t think any change has occurred. This might be mean, but it could be fun to see their reaction when they move around and find a different world.
Again, ask if they feel like it's fine for you to keep playing without them.
I don't feel this really matters. If it's your world on your system, and they're not playing the game anymore, why should they dictate what world you play on and if you can or cannot continue without them? They stopped playing, their vote is forfeit.
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