PC skeletron prime can despawn on top of you on dont dig up after hours of fighting

Steam or GOG
Single Player/Multiplayer
Operating System
Windows 10
Terraria Version
Controls Used
✂️ bug heres a clip from @SorbetCafe stream this also happened with skeletron and effects challenge runs a ton and i would love it to be fixed pls and thanks
i bet anything losing 4 hours of progress on a boss fight is not fun do to a bug so this is why im making this
on the dont dig up seed it is always night so it cant flee even if it did the way that prime flead is not normal as prime just kills u when time is out
This was not the result of a time change or anything that simple, yeah. I think we deduced it was due to the game like dividing by zero when the distance between you and the boss is zero, happens with prime too. Thanks for submitting the report.
Just happened with me lol, makes it tough for facetanking testing

This is probably the bug present in many AIs in the game where enemies divide by zero when their center is on top of the player's, which is very rare but does happen. This also has been reported like 2 years ago and not been fixed.
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