Sprites Sky Crystals (Alternate Floating Island)

Ok, i tried to make lore for this.

The Terrarian made his way to what he thought would be another floating island, but when he landed, the island seemed as if it was frozen over with something stronger than diamond. It seemed to be home to something more powerful, a horde of dragons. This was just the start to this chaos
I like this one a lot better than the other floating islands alt., and I'd probably be pretty happy to get it. Only thing is, again, I don't think "stink" is the best adjective to use for the Fart in a Balloon alt. I'd go with "Odious", "Rank", or "Reeking"...something along those lines. Yeah, it still means "stinky", but for one it's a proper adjective, and for two never underestimate the impact of choosing the right synonym. Honestly, even just changing "Stink" to "Stinking" would sound better, though.
Excellent choice of music. Are their already plans or have you ever considered actual implementation of your biomes?
Very Nice.


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