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Slime village


The slimes at times may seem foolish, but the smartest have made a retreat underground, along with some regular ones too. Enter the slime village:
The biome would be found in the underground snow, because i love that place, and it would form similar to a group of 6 cabins. It would host several new slimes and be made of slimed wood.
Gel gunner
Moves and shoots with a gel gun. It would shoot temporary sticky slime
Gel gun 5%

1-3 slime 100%

Energized slime
Acts like a slime, but way faster
Coffee 20%
Gel 1-3 100%

Super sticky slime
After contact, this guy will latch on like the enemy in the nebula pillar.
Super sticky gel

Diver slime
Acts like a slime, but "ignores" the water
Gel 1-3

Farmer slime
Thrusts a pitchfork like a crimson rusher holding back blood crawlers with a spear
Potatoes: Gives well fed 20%
Squash: Gives well fed 20%
Carrots: Gives well fed 20%
Pitchfork: 16? damage spear 20%
Wizard slime
Flees from the player while charging a large projectile that releases after 3 seconds.
Gel 1-3
Wizard's pew-pew 5%
Gel gun: Uses gel for ammo acts like the way the gel gunner attacks.
Glue: 3 glue is made with 1 super sticky gel
Can attach blocks without gravity to ones with to keep both up
Heavy glue: See glue, but gives both gravity
Coffee: 15% increased speed and melee damage.
Slimed wood: Makes up the cabins, can be crafted with wood and gel or found here, has a furniture set.
Wizards pew-pew: Shoots a chargable projectile
January 22: Added farmer slime
January 21: Added diver and wizard slimes, also this changelog!
January 20: Thread started
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The energized slime should also be able to slide around at will as long as it is on ice with a "special ability" to like dash occasionally, for the terrain, Asphalt should spawn there naturally
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