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Summary of issue:
Certain items are not showing up within the duplication menu after being processed in the research menu. These items are -
- Pet summon items
- light pet summon items
- all grappling hooks
- all dyes that are not labeled as materials (dyes that are labeled as "materials" show up in the "Material" category of the duplication menu

Game info:
- Steam version
- OS: WIndows 10 64-bit
- Issue present in both SP and MP
- Vanilla install, no mods, no tweaks

Okay, so I looked around on the forum for this, and I checked out the FAQ and the Known Bugs section and didn't see this anywhere else, so here we go. (p.s. sorry if this was already discussed elsewhere)

I was prancing about in Terraria Journey mode, squishing everything I possibly could in the research compactor thingy, when I acquired a Bamboo Leaf. I love Red Pandas, so I decided to immediately squish the leaf to unlock it for duplication. Only, it never showed up in the duplication menu after I researched it. This is when I noticed the diamond hook I researched earlier also wasn't in the menus anywhere.

A friend of mine and me decided to make new Journey characters and DL the Builder's Workshop here on the forums, essentially to make completed journey mode characters to fill the role of a creative mode and start doing build competitions for their YT. On this new Journey mode character, I stocked up on just about every item I could find in the Builder's Workshop, and figured I may as well stock up on the character items too since I was at it.

I got my squish on with all of the summon items for pets and light pets and suddenly noticed the issue was still present on a new character. Not only that, but it was ALL summon items. I carried on squishing everything, and at the end I noticed that all pets, mounts, light pets, and all dyes that are not marked as a material do not show up in the duplication menu after being researched. The dyes that do have the "matieral" tag on them show up in the "materials" section of the duplication menu. Those items are all I know of that doesn't show in the menus, but I also noticed the "Misc." category of the duplication menu is strangely vacant in comparison to the rest of the menus. Mine only has the life/mana crystals, life fruit, demon heart thingies, and the mirrors present. I have checked manually multiple times through each category, as well as used the search bar in every category for several terms such as "Bamboo", "Saddle", "Magic", and even the tried simply "Hook". None of these terms brought me anything regarding the pet summon items, light pet summon items, or any grappling hook.

In case I'm just suffering from idiotitis, I looked it up on google after pouring through the in-game menus and settings, and I don't see anyone else talking about this. Is this an intended feature? If so, why can we process the items? Is there just something I'm missing, or is this just a bug or an oversite in labeling certain items as "Misc" items?

My guess would be that these items are not correctly labeled as misc items, or are missing a category entirely. The fact that they can be researched, but do not present in any of the menus, makes me believe this is a glitch. I see 1.4.1 is already announced, and includes bug fixes, so perhaps this is already being addressed, but I thought I'd bring it up just in case.

At any rate, I'm loving the update. And Journey Mode is proving a lot of fun just to make stuff in. Even the process of acquiring things for duplication is fun, even though I was worried it would get tedious at first. But it certainly doesn't. Looking forward to a LOT more time in this game, cause let's face it: I've been playing since beta, I'm not going to stop anytime soon. Cheers :dryadgrin:

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I did try validating steam files and even did a fresh install since the game is so tiny data size wise and only took a couple of minutes. Neither has resolved the issue.
This isnt a bug you are simply in a tab that they dont show up, and some items dont shiw up in ang tabs, to fix this, click on the already activated tab and it should go to all the items then, and the misc tab isnt real ly what it should be yet i think maybe 1.4.1 will fix that
Ah, I see. I checked all the tabs, but I never thought to click the tab I was already in. Didn't even know there was an all items tab xD

Hoping these items get added to misc tab in 1.4.1 then, was a bit confusing to me at least. Thanks for the info! 😁
As Greybrynn advised, some items aren't in any tabs. Because of the confusion and seemingly missing items, this might change in a future version. :)
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