PC Spawning Enemies in Journey Mode through the Bestiary (or other methods)


Wall of Flesh
While I was browsing the wiki, it dawned on me that, while you can duplicate boss spawners, there's no way to, say, spawn a Spiked Slime whenever you wanted. I propose that, in Journey Mode, you would be able to spawn a non-boss enemy by hitting some button in the bestiary. However, you would only be able to do so if you reached a high kill count, something like 500 or 1000 (this could differ for each enemy). For critters, a "catch counter" might be added, stored in the Tally Counter database, and a high catch count could unlock the spawning of a critter. This catch count requirement would most definitely be higher, if possible (see below paragraph), for critters like the Prismatic Lacewing and Truffle Worm.

Critters spawned by this menu would be unable to be caught if the catch requirement was lower than the duplication requirement (and poof when a bug net swings at them). If the catch requirement was equal to the duplication requirement, there wouldn't be any issue with having them catchable. The catch requirement will never be greater than the duplication requirement for any critter, as that would be pointless (the player would just duplicate critters and catch them, and it would make for a pointless release-catch cycle until the player attains the goal).

Enemies would need their droprates nerfed similarly to how statue enemies' droprates are nerfed. This prevents a rare drop from being obtained too easily, as a drop like the Slime Staff or Rod of Discord, normally being acquired after a lot of enemy kills or afk farming, would simply be obtained after the kill count is reached (the player would just spam-spawn in a bunch of them and kill them all at once).

That should be it, hope you guys like this short suggestion, it might be too late to implement this but thought I might as well post it.

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