Items Spawning Plantera in Custom Skyblock Maps

Porkey Minch

Hopefully I'm not too late to be making this post. :eek:
I'm a big enjoyer of custom skyblock maps, but there are two things that must always be included for progression: Lihzahrd altar + blocks & walls for golem, and dirt & water/mud/shimmer (to get mud) for plantera. All the new additions in 1.4.5 for skyblock players are great, and since demon altars and dungeon stuff are being added, it's reasonable to assume the required lihzahrd stuff will be too.

But due to the nature of skyblocks typically starting with dirt & water/mud/shimmer, I'm worried that it has been overlooked. So I'm suggesting that (if they haven't already) there be a new way to obtain the blocks required to get a jungle & therefore plantera. Although it shouldn't be *too* easy or early to obtain, because starting without them *should* be harder without them.

Some ideas I've had for dirt are:
  • maggot zombies/any zombies in a graveyard dropping it (or mud during rain)
  • having the merchant or travelling merchant sell it for like 1-10 gold (as reference to the merchant's dialogue about dirt being expensive overseas)
  • using a toilet having a chance to give dirt/mud instead of poop (but only if you have the exquisitely stuffed buff)
  • killing the swamp thing in the solar eclipse having a chance to drop dirt & mud
  • a new item called the shoe shining kit which gives you some dirt once per day/week/whatever when used on NPCs (or maybe mud during rain).
And some ideas I've had for getting water are
  • killing rain mobs (like the flying fish or umbrella slime) with the umbrella/tragic umbrella weapon drops either a tile or bucket of water (probably just a tile). Maybe biome specific too.
  • something related to wearing the raincoat set or the umbrella hat. Haven't thought of anything specific.
  • give players the ability to fish in lava without already having done fishing, since lava fishing can result in obtaining wet bombs and allow for normal fishing. A new low tier lava fishing rod would make sense for this.
  • if the bucket filling with rain idea is implemented, to craft a bucket we must already have access to a furnace (stone + dirt/mud for wood + torches, or jungle for merchant selling furnace)
  • if life crystals have a new method of being obtained (or if the HP limit is removed from event summon items (which it should be)) then water doesn't even need to be added since pirates can drop the golden sink
It's important that there be *some* way to get plantera in custom skyblock maps without forcing the player to start with the required things, but it's important that it's not so easy that players starting with different materials will converge too soon and have the same (or even easier) progression as a result. One way to ensure this is to have some things locked behind bosses.

Also, second mention of removing the HP limit from event summon items. If life crystals have a new method of being obtained then it's not super necessary, but otherwise it makes certain things straight up impossible. Also also I believe jungle mimics should drop regular marble/granite & clay blocks, instead of smooth marble/granite & red bricks.

I should've posted this sooner but I'm a professional procrastinator. :dryadconfused: Hopefully it's not too late to make some changes/additions now that the update is "complete" (assuming there isn't already a way to obtain it in 1.4.5, but maybe there is.)
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