Mobile Specific buttons on controller not being registered


Hi. Whenever i go into the "Setup Controller Hardware" option and try to bind my L1/L3/R1/R2/R3/Start/Select the game does not respond and nothing is bound. Yes the L2 button does get bound and i have no clue why. All the other buttons do get registered in a gamepad tester so i don't think its a connection issue. Otherwise all the other buttons work perfectly but it's not the best experience IMO to play without the shoulder buttons. I use a PS2 controller with a USB adaptor, my phone is a Motorola e6s running android 9. I do not have any other controllers. Thanks.
I literally just got a brand new (although offbrand) controller and the shoulder buttons aren't working for me either. I went into other games and the buttons worked as intended, so idk what's going on. Maybe a typo in the code? Although I wouldn't know, I've personally never coded to make controllers work, and I'm not a terraria dev.
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