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PC Spectacle Pack


Is it possible to have this compatible with
Some textures didn't change (such as the grassy dirt block and biome-contaminated sand blocks) as of this version.
There was also no pack.json in the zip file so I have to add it manually in order for it to work


Я сделал всё по инструкции, но мод не появился в террарии


I really like the texture
Capture 2020-08-20 11_44_22.png


Sorry, I'm new to this texture thing and I can't install it... Is it 1.4 compatible? I did exactly how you said and looked at the 1.4 texture support thread to be sure, but it won't show in game. I changed config.json and put the zip on the Terraria folder (the game folder one time and the Terraria in My Documents on another to be sure since I was in doubt in which one). Can you help? :( I loved the textures, wanted to try for the first time.
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