Spiders (black recluse) walking through walls!

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Warning, there might be some swearing in this clip. :p


It looks like they can walk through walls horizontally if they happen to be at the top of a background wall.

I am guessing the required information since I have only seen Mr. Quezacotl encounter this.
He put a block next to a stair, allowing it to walk right through. Seen regular spiders do the same. Slimes can, most others seem to need at least 2 of them, unless you restrict jumping space. Then even zombies can get through.

Working as designed, since hoiks were retained deliberately.
I don't see any blocks next to the stair, except at the top and the spider is two tiles from it. I am familiar with hoiks, but this looks different (to me).
Right. That's the one I'm talking about. Seen spiders come off a natural hoik on a cavern roof and come right through a 1-tile thick wall. I'm thinking the collision box on spiders makes things a little more unpredictable, because we are so used to how humanoid and slime monsters work.

Things that jump have a disturbing tendency to come through spaces they should not fit. Not just spiders. If you limit his headspace, you can get zombies to jump through a 1-tile hole. And we've probably all seen slimes going through solid earth after they jump into it.

I'm not saying it's not a bug/feature. Just saying that's why I think it came through the wall.
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