PS4 Spinal Tap Hitbox Issue


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Currently doing a summoner playthrough and I just obtained a spinal tap. One issue observed is that the hitbox only follows the original size and not the bonus whip size from obsidian armor. It's a bit annoying to deal with since it kinda makes it worse than snapthorn.
Here is a clip showing off the issue:
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This bug is inconsistent from my experience. With Obsidian armor, hitboxes are only active at close distance to the character.
Without Obsi armour, the pattern looks like: close range – hitboxes work
mid range – hitboxes don't work
tip of the whip – hitboxes work again

Snapthorn, Cool Whip, Durendal, Dark Harvest and Kaleidoscope don't have similar bugs
v1.4.3.2, ps4
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