[Sprites] The Sculptor


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I really like this suggestion (Although I am partial to Female NPCs, IMO). Support, because more decor.

Puppy need more Decor.


After putting a statue into the first slot you press "copy", and a copy of the other statue will appear in the second slot for just 1 gold
Note: Heart statues and star statues costs 8 gold to copy

I really like it! But this might be a bit too cheap. How about
  • 5 gold for a normal statue
  • 20 gold for a summoning statue (e.g. Skeleton, Slime)
  • 50 gold for a heart/star statue


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"Familiar statues.


Also adding my support to this.

Also, a couple of suggestions since 1.3 is out:

Perhaps the Sculptor can be found in the Marble Biomes, as a Suspicious Statue(the implication being he got petrified by a Medusa). You can free the Sculptor by hammering the statue.

Also, the stone-cutting machine can be used to craft Marble Columns, and the Sculptor needs a certain amount of Marble (maybe 10 or 20 blocks) to copy a statue.


Just realized I never commented on this, just watched it. Love the idea. Especially because it gives me a reason to store my statues in a specific room lol.


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i like how you make an traditional thing but with some inovations, i support you idea and want the mods see that
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