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I'm not sure whether this is a Terraria issue or a steam issue but upon killing Duke Fishron, I was given the 'Slayer of Worlds' achievement. However, I have never killed the Empress of Light or the Moon Lord. I do not have the 'Champion of Terraria' achievement on steam or in game.

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Brain of Cthulhu
Empress of Light (and Queen Slime) are not required to earn Slayer of Worlds.

Slayer of Worlds has been bugged possibly since its addition. Wall of Flesh and Duke Fishron seem to be candidates for awarding the achievement inappropriately. When you next start Terraria, you may find that Slayer of Worlds has been greyed out. Defeating every boss (in your case, just Moon Lord left) will award the achievement properly and permanently.

It's been a known issue for a while, but thank you for the report!
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