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WIP Story: A Terrarians Journey


The story will take place some time after the events of Terraria.

The world of Terraria is a wondrous world with a rich history. There have been many occasions where the very existence of the world and its citizens was threatened. The coming of the Crimson, a voracious organic hive mind bent on consuming all, and the Corruption, a similar force which twists things in a more subtle manner are two examples. Perhaps the most notable of these occasions was the Great Cthulu War.

Cthulu was beaten at great cost and torn asunder, scattering the entity about the world. Eventually these pieces gained life turning into terrifying entities which plagued the world. Some dwelled in the corroded pits of the Corruption or the twisting innards of the Crimson. Other pieces made their home in the skies or deep dungeons of the world.

They and others plagued the world for many years. Eventually there came a being who vanquished fought these beings. They were aided by the citizens of the world including the last Dryad and a member of the Order of the Guide. They brought great change to the world and eventually vanquished the Lunar Cult, a mysterious group, and the Moonlord an entity mysteriously similar to Cthulu.

It has been centuries since their Journey's End and the world has greatly changed. The descendants of those who aided the Hero(look up name for the Terraria pc) have formed Guilds and Orders to pass on their trade and role to others. The Crimson, the Corruption, and most other forces have since remained dormant. Recently however there have been those digging into the deep places of the world, places better left alone.

I typed the above up as a pseudo premise/synopsis for a terraria story that I will be working on. I will of course make use of the existing lore, but my own headcanon will fill the gaps as well. For example I might have Plantera be a Corrupt or Crimson Ed Dryad(s), or what if Moonlord is actually the parts of Cthulu that fled taken over by the Crimson or Corruption.

Some parts of the game will be mechanics inherent to the world whilst others may be kept out. For example most large towns have Pylons but small settlements and outposts may not. Invasion events and such are things which rarely occur but are still known of.

I intend to post the prologue by the release date for Journeys End. I will fully dive into the story after I beat Terraria following 1.4's release.

Feel free to give thoughts and criticisms.


Lore and Glossary
This post will serve to house explanations about certain organizations and such within the story.

Guilds and Orders: Aside from the Order of the Guides, many of the Guilds which cater to specific occupations have existed only a relativey short time, since the Moonlords defeat. Each draws from one of the citizens of Terraria which aided the Hero in their journey.

Tools and Ore: Much like in the game tiers between tools and ore types still exist. I decided to keep this progressive mechanic as an inborn rule of the world. That being said at this point some Ores and such are spoken of only in legends, Crimtane ore is one such ore.
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Chapter One: An Awakening Heart Teaser
The Miners advanced carefully worked their way through the crumbling wall. They paused briefly to set up torches as they moved into the chamber. The man whose strike had revealed the chamber gazed around at the walls, lined with ore. He paused as a flash of Crimson caught his eye.

At first he thought it was a gem, a ruby or garnet, but it held a strange sheen to it. He steeped towards it, not noticing its glow increasing as he did due to the torchlight. He grasped his Iron Pickaxe with both hands and swung at the mysterious ore. The pick impacted against the ore with a loud almost organic groan. There was a moment of give before the tip broke and thudded to the ground at his feet.

The miner gave a surprised grunt before calling back to the others.

"Hey! Someone bring me the Platinum Pickaxe. I found an interesting ore and the Iron one didn't cut it."

One of those who'd been setting up the torches stepped back into the mine and returned with the pick. The miner thanked him and took another more serious swing at the ore. The pick whistled through the air before cutting into the mysterious ore. A groan emerged from the ore, though none caught it over the rumbling sounds as the wall the miner struck crumbled inwards strangely fast.

It was as the man stepped forward to pick up the ore that it happened, a great Crimson light emerged from the other side of the wall. A small structure stood in the center of the cave. It was a Crimson Altar, a remnant of the Hero's Era.

While everyone else gazed in awe or greed at the ancient glowing altar and its surroundings an older man realized what they had found. It had been years since any relics of the Hero's Era had been found, but he had been present the last time one was discovered. It was an Altar, an ancient construct which destroyed all but the most powerful of those that struck it.

"Altar, its an Altar!!! Everyone get out and alert the Guards now!!!"

His loud and panicked voice shook the men from their stupor.

The miners left in a panicked rush, some dropping their tools or torches. In their haste none of them caught a certain sound, the slow lub-dub of an ancient heart waking from its slumber.


Official Terrarian
This looks interesting! It’s always great to see new stories that I didn’t write (don’t look at my cringe lol) and I really like how you even mentioned pickaxe types


Chapter Two: The Shadow Knows Teaser

It had been two weeks since the miners uncovered the Crimtane and the chamber containing the Crimson Altar. The Mine itself was still operating, but the entire branch of the mine which contained the Altar was sealed off. That night a group of individuals met in a hidden chamber beneath one of the houses commonly used by Travelling Merchants when they were in town. A figure peered through a small window out into the town before flipping a switch to shut the porch lamp off. Now the house was only illuminated by the lamp posts some distance away.

The figure made there way to the back of the house, they activated a lever which moved a bookcase aside and deactivated a wall. They activated another lever as they stepped through sealing the passage and opening another. They walked down the revealed staircase into the chamber below where the rest of the group was.
The chamber was simply furnished, a few chairs sat around a table on the gray brick floor.

The group was discussing the possibility of investigating the chamber found in the Mines. One of the groups, a slender man slight of build and stature was very much against the idea.

"I'm telling you it's too risky, they sealed that section of the mine for a good reason. I mean we’ve all heard the tales about the Altars and the chaos they wrought back in the Hero’s Era.”

Following the slender man’s words a tense silence enveloped the group. He was about to continue before another member of the group silenced him with a raised hand and spoke instead.

“Indeed we have heard the tales, each and every one of us.”

They gestured to each person present before continuing.

“The tales and legends of the Hero’s Era have been beaten into us from a young age. Whether they are true or not does not matter right now. The miners reported rare ores and many gems in the room they uncovered. It is entirely possible they mistook what they saw, I know I have heard about stories where people believed they had discovered Relics from the Hero’s Era only for the beliefs to be proven false.”

Others of the group nodded at the figures statement as they continued.
“The leadership of the town is making use of the superstitious nature of people to protect what is there. This makes me think that there might indeed be Relics in that chamber, just nothing quite so dangerous as they want us to believe.”

“Luckily we have a few potions left from the last haul we took. We will easily be able to sneak into the mine and down into the chamber and out before anyone is the wiser.”

The figure paused and stood, spreading their arms wide. As they continued their voice held the confidence shown in their gesture.

“So, who’s ready to plunder some Relics which will make us all rather wealthy?”

Each and every other member of the group stood and shouted or cheered, all but the slender man who first voiced concerns were sincere in their excitement and adulation.

Notes: Here is the teaser for chapter two, the title is a reference which some may get, others may not. I will try to finish Chapter One by the 16th, but i may not be able to post it that day. After 1.4 hits i will be creating a compendium of images, builds and the like to serve as visual references.
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