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PC Super Shroom Update

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Added images for dungeon chest, key and key mold.
Added info on new boss.

This thread will be about a few ideas that might make the mushroom biome feel more like a full biome rather than just a place to farm mushrooms for shroomite bars or truffle worms to get Duke Fishron. Most likely there will not be any new monster ideas because in that regard the mushroom biome has enough of them. This will also regard to possibly some new items the Truffle NPC might sell.
NOTE: This thread will be updated as my ideas become more fleshed out and I will try to make some images of certain things if possible. Also if you have an idea to contribute please post it in the comments, the more minds at work the better. You WILL be acknowledged for you contributions.

Without further delay:

Idea #1

Mushroom biome Key:
Mushroom Key.png

Mushroom Key Mold:
Mushroom Key Mold.png

Mushroom Dungeon Chest:
Mushroom Chest.png

Key will be acquired the same way as all the other biome keys only the mold drops from enemies in a mushroom biome, either underground or on the surface.

The Fungus Staff

We all know summoners are currently the class that is the least fleshed out and has the least amount of weapons. This will help.

How to obtain:
Comes from the Mushroom Dungeon Chest

How it works:
Unlike the other minion staffs this one works quite a bit differently but oh so useful.
Basically it is a spear-type melee weapon that has a very long range and fast speed but does absolutely 0 damage on the enemy (at first only see below).
However that hit on an enemy locks you and that enemy in place for about half a second that plants a fungus into the enemy that places that enemy under your control as an additional minion in a debuff that I like to call Controlled Infection.
Amount of enemies infected out of the cap will be displayed on the icon of the spear in a similar way to ammo for guns.

What Controlled Infection does:
Visually it has a mushroom sprite placed in the top of the enemy.
Effect-wise it lowers the enemy's defense, has it follow you unless it sees an enemy to attack, and has it's damage boosted by how much your current minion damage boost is.
The mushrooms need food to stay alive, and as they are planted in a host enemy, they drain its health at a constant rate of about 10 damage per second so make no mistake that these additional minions are temporary only.
The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and just like that the infected enemies will draw aggro and be attacked by non-infected enemies as well as can be killed by you/other players.
The maximum additional minions that will follow you because of this is equal to your current minion cap and if you infect a new enemy the oldest one still alive will be freed of its infection and reabsorb its life back from the mushrooms healing it to full health.

When enemies are killed while infected:
If the life drain of the mushrooms is what killed them then that's it and you have one less fewer minion to help deal damage.
If they are killed in the line of duty by a melee attacking enemy the fungus catches a ride and spreads to the new enemy without you having to go infect them.
And if they are killed by yet another melee enemy the cycle can / will continue forever as long as a new host is found.

NOTE:This debuff does not affect ANY bosses, however lesser enemies spawned by bosses can/may be affected.

Idea #2

The Wizroom (Name is dumb I know but i cant think of anything. Leave a suggested name in the comments please.)

There is tale of a massive falling star so powerful that it crashed straight through the surface and bore it's way deep into the ground. Finally stopping only in an underground mushroom biome. The mushroom grew around the star, still pulsing with raw magic and manifested itself into the first mushroom being now known as the truffle race. But being a one-of a kind being was mush(Oi puns) too lonely, therefore he granted life to the thousands of glowing mushrooms around him by using the magic of the fallen star still at his core. Much time passes while the Wizard and his children live in piece, that is until the day a certain human, gathering powerful weapons to defeat a great evil of the world finds the Wizard's home. Seeing the potential of the glowing mushrooms as an even grater healing agent than the mushrooms on the surface, he quickly massacres every mushroom in the area to be made into many a health potion. Dumbfounded, the Wizard runs in fear of the might of the so-called "hero". When he is sure he is safe, after finding a new mushroom biome home, he quickly goes to work making powerful creatures with his mushroom based magic, from Anomura Funguses to Giant Fungi Bulbs he was sure to defeat the human. But unknown to him the human was also growing more powerful. When the earth shook as the ancient spirits of light and dark were released he knew then was the time to unleash his army into the mushroom biomes throughout the underground and start his attack as revenge.​

How to Summon:
He is summoned by using a Suspiciously Looking At You Mushroom (abbreviated as SLAYM).
SLAYM is gotten by crafting 10 magic mushrooms by a crimson or demon alter.
Magic mushrooms drop from all mushroom enemies at the same rate as vertebrae and rotten chunks.​

Drops and Attack pattern will be announced at a later date.
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