Biomes & Nature Surface Structures for medium/large world. Include uncommon variance for some fitting CC Builds.


After years of playing terraria, one may find the surface, despite caves, pyramids and the like, is still a little monotonous- the most intresting so far being when you find a biome or living tree. Expand upon this via quality builds- be they elaborate structures or smaller chunks. What if the vast majority of the entire world was sitting upon a singular, great tree? What if there was mini-dungeons that required the "Capture the Gem" objects to open but were otherwise intended to speed up progression; although were typically a difficulty spike (For example, the recent Crimson Castle looking build)

There could also be new variations on the Crimson Stalks and Corruption Chasms, the Crimson getting strange, bloody, floating pillars that resembled ribs, or the Corruption getting an unusual, decaying mound that looked like some kind of warped, jagged pyramid?

Volcanos could provide a readily available "Hellevator"- but they're a mixture of minor Hell and Meteor Head enemys.

This is mostly intended for players who aren't sufficiently experienced nor have the attention for elaborate builds, when they typically slap down Gulags and be done with it.
So is any biome but you jaunt past those regardless.
For people with a wand of sparking with as there best equipment, enemies from the most dangerous pre-hardmode biome is a challenge that would completely disable the world's ocean until reaching said ocean is inconsequential.
An interesting concept. Would probably be best implemented as an option when generating a world.
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