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Hey... how do you play online? I tried just going into the multiplayer section, but when I click join it never finds any games??? And what are these "Switch codes" or "friend codes"??? Do I need one to play online? I have a family Nintendo Online account and can go online for other stuff... but Terraria doesn't seem to work online????

Please, any help would be appreciated!

Never mind. I figured it out :) My son and I are now friends and able to play online together! Yay!
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Does someone have some extra stuff they don't need?

I lost all my data for terraria and my time playing goes pretty slow right now since I'm just constantly dying...

I’ve been playing terraria on nearly everything for years— I don’t exactly have internet besides my phone to play on terraria multiplayer (switch of course) but if anyone would like to add me in advance my friend code is:

I’m post-moon lord and such. Working on grinding to get the last prism, apparently 30 tries doesn’t seem to let me get anything but repeats. Gonna keep trying tho. Would love to help anyone when I can! — Weirdo
I friended requested you, accept and I will be waiting to play ok
Hey fellas. I'm technically post-Moon Lord, got the relevant gear, and I'm on my Master Mode playthrough. I'd be happy to assist anyone else when I can. Friend code is SW-2711-4977-5885. Hope to see you all on the field! -- Nox
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