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Sylph's Golf Maps


Hello ! I'm a PC Terraria builder and I'm creating this thread to showcase my golf maps. They are all complete with golf equipment, and directions in the courses.
The world files are below. (Put the world file in /PC/Documents/My Games/Terraria/Worlds)

- "My First Golf Map!" (file name is The Root of Trash) - As the name suggests, it's my first golf map ever. Pretty easy even if you're bad at Terraria golf.
- "The Golf Experience" - Starts out easy and progressively becomes harder. (Done !)
- "Journey to the Core" - To be built. It'll be a Starbound-inspired golf map starting on the surface and ending in hell.

I'll update this thread when I complete the golf maps, and until then, enjoy !



  • The_Root_of_Trash_-_finished_ (3).wld
    6.6 MB · Views: 68
  • The_Golf_Experience.wld
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