Mobile Tavernkeep issue with Razer Kishi V2


Mobile Bug Priority
Mobile OS
Android Version 12
While it's entirely possible that part of my problem is that I didn't have buttons mapped properly/consistently (I did just adjust that, but lack medals to test), I was still having issues that others suggested I report as a possible bug.

With the Kishi connected to my mobile phone (again 'til I fixed button mapping) the only way I could do the purchase/selling of items was to drag/drop between buyer/seller inventories. Which was working just fine for all NPC's and all items 'til I tried to buy Rods from the Tavernkeep. Those don't react the same way in that I can try to drag and drop, but nothing happens.

Not sure if that's a bug or it was intended to act differently for those items but thought I'd let you know.


Duke Fishron
DR Studios
Thanks for the report! A few questions:

* Does resetting your controller layout to default fix this issue?
* Within controller settings, do you have an option called “Controller Hardware”? If so, does setting it to a recognizable button layout fix your issue?
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