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(Tconfig mod) The Kase mod


Skeletron Prime
So this is my second mod I am currently making (and yes it is using the outdated Tconfig) but BUT I am more experienced now as you can see in the teaser with the new spell I show off. Yea the name of the mod isn't the best out there but I decided to use it because {[(WARING SPOILER ALERT* (kase is the main boss))]}. The Mod really springs into Action in Hardmode though.


Version 2.0 update vid:

Version 3.0 update vid:

And btw the hate comments like "dis mod sucks" or "wow u r using a outdated moding api" will be ignored (hopefully).

Change log bellow:
Release 1.0: mod released that's it.
Version 1.1: Added a New NPC Spawns rarely at the Jungle surface at night. And added new toolTips to the summoning items.
Version 2.0: Added a new Town NPC, Added a new crafting station (required to progress in the mod), added a new boss, added a new potion/buff.
Version 2.1: Added an upgrade to the Kase blade, Tweaked the summoning items, Added an final upgrade to the ultra kase minigun, added new wings.
Version 2.5: Heavily changed Hybrid, Added a new Spell (Ice Bolt).
Version 2.9: Added a new prehardmode boss (Cold eye).
Version 3.0: Added a new ore Core ore, Added a new melee weapon, added a new drill, changed Kase Altar crafting recipe.
Version 3.5: Added the Essence of Terraria which summons all bosses at once, added a new enemy npc (Core ball) very rare spawn underground.
Version 3.9: Added a new bullet (Explosive bullet).


  • The Kase mod 3.9.zip
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There's just two problems.
1. The sprites. I'd recommend practicing, getting advice, or just hiring a spriter to do that for you.
2. tConfig. While I love tConfig, almost nobody uses it anymore and the majority would rather play 1.3 than just a modded 1.1.
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