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*Please understand that all English is the result of translating Japanese by Google Translate.

Latest Version: 0.3 (tModLoader v0.11.8.4)

Copy files when loading this mods.
You can specify whether to back up individually.
Use the standard configurations of tModLoader for the configurations.

Backup execution is off by default.
When using for the first time, turn on the "Take a backup" in the configuration.
The backup will be performed when this mod is loaded, so reload it after changing the configuration for the first time.
Please change the use of "Backup folder date time format" with sufficient knowledge.
In the unlikely event that an error occurs, the configuration file will be deleted to initialize the settings.


- built it with tModLoader v0.11.8.4
- Configuration is based on tModLoader
- Configuration in "Mod Settings Configurator" has been abolished
- Add folders that may be needed for Backup
- Delete old configuration file if it exists when loading
- Delete and initialize the configuration file when an exception occurs
- Backup execution defaults to off

*** Acknowledgments ***
Thanks to Flashkirby99 for making mod settings easier so far.
- Fixed mistake of icon file name
- Fixed setting to display icon
- Added storage location
- Added setting of whether to save each
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