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*Please understand that all English is the result of translating Japanese by Google Translate.

Latest Version: 0.2.1 (tModLoader v0.11.8.4)

This Mod aims to make it possible to build like CAD.

Currently has the following functions
- Function to display the effective range of tools such as Pickaxe
- Function to same as Fly Cam, Infinity Reach of HERO's Mod
- Function to draw Line, Rectangle, Circle
- Function to place png images
- Function to parallel copy

*Currently, there is no function to save what you placed

- About Loading Images -
Place the file "TeraCAD_Image.txt" in the "My Games\Terraria\ModLoader" folder.
For the contents of the text file, please describe the path of the png file.
Please save "TeraCAD_Image.txt" with UTF8.
The maximum size of the png file is 2048 x 2048 pixels.



Modification of setting can be done with Mod Settings Configurator.

- Fixed an issue where the cursor was initialized.
I built it with tModLoader v0.11.8.4.
Configuration is based on tModLoader.
Configuration in "Mod Settings Configurator" has been abolished.

*** Acknowledgments ***
Thanks to Flashkirby99 for making mod settings easier so far.
- Added parallel copy tool
- Added all clear tool
- Changed the item so that it can not be used while using the tool
- Fixed a bug that did not snap to Bottom Right function
- Added config of line width and line color
- Added eraser tool function
- Extended Paint Tools is abolished (transition to Cheat Sheet)
- Implementation of drawing of line, rectangle, circle and png image placement function
- Stop functioning due to license violation
- Fixed so that it will not cause an error as much as possible even if it fails in texture creation for display
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*** Acknowledgments ***
This Mod's code is based on jopojelly's HERO's Mod and Cheat Sheet.
I am grateful to Mr. jopojelly for publishing a great code.
In addition, Mod Settings uses Mod Settings Configurator.
I am grateful to Mr. Flashkirby99 for making the setting of Mod easy.
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You might want to pay attention to the licences of the mods you take code from.

HEROs Mod is licensed under GPL, meaning derivative works also need to be GPL, which I do not see on your GitHub.

Cheat Sheet doesn't have an open source licence, which means you'd have to ask me directly for permission to use any of the code.

I am fine with how you referenced my mods to learn proper UI code for your other mods, but taking complete features and big chunks of code from my mods without permission isn't really OK, especially when your mod aims to do something extremely similar to my mods.

And I wouldn't have given my permission either. For example, if you had asked me for permission, I would have said "no" and encouraged you to contribute code to Cheat Sheet to make Cheat Sheet's Paint tools even better. If you didn't want to do that, you'd be free to make your own similar mod, but you'd have to figure out the code yourself without taking code from Cheat Sheet.
You might want to pay attention to the licences of the mods you take code from.

*Please forgive that it is an English translation using google translation.

This feature has been transferred to Cheat Sheet.
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Please enter the full path of the environment.
For example, in my Windows environment it looks like this:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Terraria\logoTexture.png


*Image format is only in png format.
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