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tModLoader Terra Energy API - Add electricity to your mod!


Official Terrarian

Terra Energy API - A port of Redstone Flux API into terraria

Table of contents
1. Presentation
2. Currently in progress
3. Future plan
4. Credit
5. Github link + download

Terra Energy API is a library that try to work like redstone flux API made by COFH Team in minecraft. It is very simple to use (yet I need to test it myself) and I planned to expend it as I develop it.

Currently, all the basic feature are implemented, but I guess what I'll see what I can do

Add example use of the API
Add an example UI to link it
Make an example mod basically

Me - For making and porting the mod
COFH Team - For making the original API in minecraft
Rartrin - For answering some of my question
tML team - For making this wonderful API called tModLoader!
RE-Logic - For making Terraria!

Github: https://github.com/Dradonhunter11/TerraEnergyAPI
Example Mod Github: https://github.com/Dradonhunter11/Example-Terra-Energy-API-Mod

Thanks for reading ^^
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dradon really do be out here laying the foundations for some pretty cool stuff
its just a lil hard to make a mod that utilizes it without a lil bit of documentation, am figuring it out tho
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