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PC Terraria 1.3.1 Ideas


Hello and welcome to my suggestion compendium! :happy:
I do my best to not make OP weapons that everybody will use; you will only find balanced and well-thought items here.
So, right on to the content!

With the request to suggest mechanical-related items from Re-Logic, I've come to dream up of the following items:
This block behaves much like wire and a hoik combined. it is placed on the same layer as actuators, which means wires can go over it. It moves items at 120 tiles per second (akin to a hoik) and would be very useful for farming herbs, events and bunnies. The Item Pipe can be linked up to the Item Filter, Item Grabber and Item Depositor, which can lead to some interesting combos. Painting the pipe can make two separate pipes, similar to coloured wires. The pipe's edges are metallic grey, while the middle is transparent so users can see items travelling through.
-the backbone of all things pipe
The Item filter is a part of the pipe system that when right-clicked, brings up an interface that tells certain items to go up, left, right, down or stopped (dropped). It can be used in a cross intersection(to filter to chests) or to drop hearts/mana stars (for farming events) on the player. Filtering could be classified by rarity, heart/mama stars, coins, or by specifying a specific item(s).The item pipe has grey edges with a tinted window to see items going through.
-sort items and organise yourself
The Item Grabber takes items from the floor and chests, and ferries them to Item Pipes to be transported to a mass storage system in a player's base. This is the start of every pipe chain, and can be used to pick up drops from events, automatic mushroom farms or even critters (like a bug net). The Item Grabber has grey edges with a yellow tinted window to see items as they move through the system
-take items from chests, events and farms
The item deposited is the simples member of the pipe family, either dropping items as an entity or putting them in a chest or two (safe & piggy bank included). The Item Depositor has grey edges, and a grey interior to signal that it is the end of the line
-put items in chests
I'll leave it to the devs to make item prices rarity and where obtained, though I'm thinking the Mechanic for 50 copper would be reasonable?
-The new
The concept of dyeable weapons is not new. I have hard several times from friends and youtube that dyeable weapons would be a great thing to have. So, here's my take on them:
How to dye hard - there will be a little button under the hotbar lock/unlock button that, when pressed, reveals a row above the hotbar (shifting your whole inventory down) of dye slots (same dye icon as on the equipment slots). The dyes work the same way as when dyeing armour and accessories - no explanation needed. Also, a nice addition for rangers could be that when the little button is pressed, dye slots appear beside the ammo slots. Imagine chlorophyte bullets with blue dye!
It's pretty simple. The colour of the wire is determined by the colour of the dye on the wrench! Even better, if ammo dyes are added, there could be 'base colour' made by the wrench colour, and 'stripe colour' made by the colour of wire in the ammo dye! So theres blue & red wire, green & gold, gold & green, pink & vortex... The combinations are limitless! Of course the mechanic would sell a white wrench; the colour would change based on the dye.
-killing two bird with one unholy arrow
The Automatic Planter Box is a planter box that can receive seeds from pipes, plants them then harvests them (only if pipes are there to take plants and seeds away). Unlike normal Planter Boxes, they can only harvest plants that match what their name is. (For example, daybloom planted in a blinkroot box will grow, but not be harvested, because the blinkroot box does not recognise dayblooms).
-Automated Farming

The next part has nothing to do with wires

So I was watching Jupiter Ascending the other day, and suddenly it hit me. Boots have always been in the game, but they become next to useless as soon as the player obtains wings and the blessed apple. In the movie, there are some 120% swag gravity boots, and they are just the thing Terraria needs to keep boots in the game, right up to the moon lord. So, heres how the chain starts:
Space Boots
These boots, found on floating islands, make the player fall faster by pressing down, and float in the air for a limited time by pressing up. They also cancel space's slow falling effect
Velocity Boots
These boots are Lightning Boots combined with Space Boots. The slow falling effect lasts slightly longer, though
Thermic Boots
Are Lava Waders combined with Ice Skates
Frostspark Boots
Velocity Boots combined with Thermic Boots make the best pre-hardmode boots. The slow falling effect lasts even longer than Velocity Boots
Gravity boots
Taking boots into hardmode! Combining Frostspark Boots with 20 Souls of Flight make these boots. They can be used to fly up, left, right or just hover. They aren't fast, but have big range, comparable to steampunk wings.
Anti-Gravity Boots
They are an upgraded version of the gravity boots, having the longest range, being slightly faster and float (spacebar) forever. Crafted with Gravity Boots and 20 Luminite Bars. So I may have gone against what I wrote earlier about not making OP items. But still, it's balanced, I think!
This part is referring to the little rocks and decor (maybe even an old tent) you find underground. I've always wanted something to drop from them, and it could make gameplay that little bit more unique. Imagine running out of ammo, rendering your trusty bow useless, when you find an undead miner running up to you. What do you do? Pick up a stone an peg it at it! Or maybe you are building a stone slab house early game, and you run out of stone. Why not destroy those big boulders that people mine for worms? That should yield some stone! Let your imagination carry you away!
Hellfire Arrows are a well-known and powerful arrow type; so why don't we have a bullet variant? We already have explosive bullets, so I was thinking maybe they pierce one enemy, curve slightly and set the target on fire. They are found in the same fashion as Hellfire Arrows (in obsidian pots & shadow chests), but don't count as a bullet for the arms dealer to move in. They look like red chlorophyte bullets, with some fire particles.
I was thinking that the HM underground ice biome is a bit boring. True, you have ice mimics, spinny ice ninja turtles; but an exclusive chlorophyte-type ore would be awesome. An ore that needs 180% pickaxe power to mine - giving adamantite and titanium pickaxe a use. It makes some unique items that help in the battle of the mechanical bosses. This gear includes Frost Armour (replaces adamantite/titanium in crafting), Frost Tools (+1 range, like chlorophyte, mines slightly faster than titanium with the same power as adamantite), Ice Bolt (same arrow that ice bow uses), Frost bullets (same as molten, but slightly faster and more damaging) and... thats up to you, devs and terrarians - I'm out of ideas!

The next part is not about items, but about game mechanics (but not wires)
  • Planter boxes give a slight boost to speed for the plant they were named after
  • Practice dummies should trigger an electric signal when hit
  • Dyeable familiar clothes
  • Bottomless Musket Ball Pouch and Endless Quiver should be reforgable as they cannot stack
  • Travelling Merchant should sometimes sell corrupt seeds in crimson world, crimson seeds in corrupt worlds... you get the hang of it? After a mechanical boss has been defeated, he sells unholy/vile water, and after plantera is defeated, he sells purple/red solution.
  • To compliment the last point, worlds should now spawn with both corruption and crimson chests in the dungeon.
  • TCF should get HW Andy, the default font of Terraria*
  • The first shot of guns that have inaccuracy (i.e chain gun, mininshark) should land right on target
I will continuously update this post; look here if you need a bit of inspiration!**
Please feel free to leave feedback or constructive criticism, and thanks for reading!
*Example:Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 5.48.57 pm.png
**aimed towards the Re-Logic team
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May I suggest one?
They should give NPCS the ability to go down through wooden platforms. After 1.2 people mostly put their NPCS in a hotel or something. In 1.3 they can now interact with each other! But how are they supposed to talk to each other if they can't even get to each other through a wood platform!


Weren't Frostspark Boots already the combination of Ice Skates and Lightning Boots? Maybe a rename would be in order, something like... Shinespark Boots!


King Slime
I have a really useful idea. Y'know the new clothing styles in 1.3? It's really annoying if you pick the wrong one. So why shouldn't dressers be able to change your clothing style? I think that would be really cool.


Eye of Cthulhu
I need those pipes. Buildcraft was one of my favorite mods, mainly because I like making sorting systems. Though maybe a way to alert you when the chests are full?
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