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PC Terraria 1.4 WILL open...unless its maximized windowed

so terraria is hitting me with the absolute strangest bug(?), so ive tested it and noticed that if its trying to load into a maxed window (not borderless windowed/fullscreen windowed) it'll cause the desktop to...flicker is the best way to put it and steam will say its running for a good couple seconds before just dropping it. it is incredibly strange and now im going to see if its a resolution issue with max window or what. ill update this post once i conduct more tests.

oh and my laptop is a nitro 5 with 16 gigs of ram and 2.4 ghz cpu, so definitely able to handle the game n whatnot

Update/Edit: okay so i tested it with several different resolutions and yea, no matter what Terraria itself just absolutely hates trying to start in max windowed mode, fullscreen? no problem, borderless windowed? again, no problem, but max windowed? loathes it entirely. im bringing this up because it is absolutely strange and to see if anyone else has had this issue.
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